mercoledì 30 ottobre 2013


After a few months away from the blog, holidays, work and a wonderful trip to Paris with Fabio, here I am to tell you about one of the last works here in London .
The SS/2014 Bridal debut collection launch of Dajana Basic- London
Dajana, the fashiondesigner, inspired by  macaroons for her models, designed 8 wedding dresses unique and each one follows a particular and different design. The colors, as we can imagine , are pastels delicate and soft like the typical french pastries.
I have had the opportunity and honor to manage the organization of the whole fashionshow and the direction of the models's casting, it was a tough experience, as always, we've to be able to find a solution to the "last-minute problem" a shoe that doesn't fit, a delay, an oversight, but everything was for the best. The result of our dedication, true passion and above all followed by an amazing team of make-up artists, hairstylist, photographers, dresser, pr and of course models. Nothing could be better without each one of them.

A special thanks goes to the lovely guests, bloggers and wonderful media coverage for making the launch of Basic Dajana London a truly memorable day.
Obviously the official collaboration partners: Freya Rose, emerging British designer who lent us the beautiful wedding shoes from her collection, Central Cuts hair salon that has allowed us to do the casting and all the tryal days of hair and make-up, Vertical Color which gave a lot of vouchers to spend in the salon to all the guests of the fashionshow, La Maison Du Chocolat, historic parisien brand who provided us a trays full of colorful macaroons and certainly the Blackhall the Studio, in Shoredich that hosted us with open arms and gave us the space and everything we needed.

And last, but not least, our fantastic team of :
Fashion show organizer / Casting: Me!
Official Photographer: Domingo Nardulli
Backstage Photos and Video: Giuseppe Cardone
Backstage Photos: Evelina Sinkeviciute
Makeup artists: Andrea Gaetani, Jia Sim Koriaty
Hairdressers: Daniel Meddi, Louis Maharaj
Pr: Zoe Efstathiou 
Assistant: Demi Charalambous

Thank's a lot guys, we was amazing! A warm hug to Dajana and a big good luck for her future career.  
Feel free to visit Dajana Basic-London  facebook fan page for the officials catwalk photos and all the upcoming news!

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