giovedì 6 giugno 2013


Hy there, finally starting to get the photos, each picture is a great satisfaction! Chills seeing those perfect mixes. I'm talking about @Fotoincontri, the event of workshops with some of the greatest masters who have done (and they still do) the history of fashion photography, all dedicated to the reconstruction of S.Felice sul Panaro after the violent earthquake last May. A great event, a wonderful initiative and above all a way to collaborare with professionals and passionate of the world of fashion photography.
Thanks to the Fashion editori Rosanna Trinchese of RenèOlivier Production who believed in me and allowed me to take part in this fantastic project as Fashion Stylist. It was a pleasure to share this opportunity with atrusted colleagues, friends and super team: Denise Denegri and Franesco Balestri. 
We created the stylings for the various shooting collaborationg with 12 photographers in three intense days succeeded well despite the weather that was not at all on our side.
As always, we were TOP, the whole staff is committed in making everything so much touching perfection for every model.
The pictures talking for themselves, like the names of the photographers: Oliviero Toscani, Giovanni Gastel, Gabriele Rigon, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Settimio Benedusi, Giovanni Cozzi, Chico De Luigi, Franco Fontana, Maurizio Galimberti, Guido Harari, Ferdianando Scianna, Toni Thorimbert. Today I show you some photos of #Giovanni Gastel and #Gabriele Rigon

A STORY STYLED BY ROP CREW: fashion editor: Rosanna Trinchese – hair concept: Roberto Rosini – stylists: Denise Denegri, Marta Lenzi, Annalisa Cardinale, Francesco Balestri – make up artists: Simona Breazu, Alberto Boggeri, Rossana Deiana, Paola Rinaldi – hair stylists: Domenico Visone, Marco Zambuchini, Maria Galli – assistant: Giulia Ghidini – models: Delia Hamer, Jennifer Bianchi, Suki Santos, Amanda Franca, Tatsiana Puchko, Marcela Cervenkola, Anastasia Pavlova, Caitlin Dobson, Polina Synyavska@WhyNot Milano, Katya Romodina@Beyond Milano, Daniele Moraes@ROP, Rachel@flashmodelmanagement – fashion:
Stella Jean – jewels: Stella Jean, Alcozer & J, Strane Gioie, NoritamyIsla Fontaine – shoes: Elena Cardinali


Collaborating on this work, seeing the passion of true lovers of their own work, like me, look at some of the greatest photographers while shooting was an opportunity to grow up and discover new horizons about my job. I've to say thank to whole the staff and the city with it's inhabitants who have surrounded this exciting event.
Stay tuned for more photos.

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  1. Amazing pics!interesting event!

  2. Wow that sounds amazing! You all are very talented stylists! Love the results.


    1. Thank's hun, really appreciate it so much! big Kiss.

  3. Look at these photos, I love these styles, very beautiful, amazing! I love those patterns, full of life.

  4. They are all beautiful and have great figure.