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Art-Fashion, a combination that has always been the protagonist of my life, two different worlds but that carrying you will unite under the same charm.
Artists-designers, paintings that surround the catwalk, clothes that live it.

29 Artists, 14 Fashion designer, one Opening night, a professional Talk, 3 days of fashionshow and a closing night they created a series of events that is still resonating in London, that's how I've been busy all this time away from the blog!
The Vibe Gallery in London has become home for two weeks dedicated to fashion and art for the 'Italian Art Festival 2013
15 designers, 120 outfits, 9 models, an extraordinary team of makeup artists, hair stylists and photographers, my special staff who accompanied me in three days of fashion shows that I curated and coordinated with pleasure and passion.

My idea was create to provide an opportunity for new fashion designers to showcase their talent and their collections in London, exactly one month before the FashionWeek at Somerset House, and give them a unique visibility.
The three shows were completed successfully from the first day, the British public has shown interest and curiosity, we had the pleasure of showing our Made in Italy to Fashionblogger,stylist, photographers,models,designers, English student and fashion lovers or not.
Coordinate all was not easy, those who follow me for a while, was able to see what you breathe "behind the scene", there is anxiety, tension, there is the fear that at the last moment arises a seemingly insoluble problem that will broke all the hard work, research of the designers, the models, make-up artists, photographers, styling each ride, the stairs, the graphics of the poster (special Thank's to my special Graphic designer.. my boyfriend Fabio! Which was happy to help me full immersion in this project), the opening night, the organization of theBackstage, invitations and everything to do with the creation of a fashion show (actually 3!) from A to Z, none of this could be achieved without commitment and total dedication, without help from friends and family, without cooperation and trust by all my staff, without the full presence of my boyfriend in all of this, without the participation of the Enghlis public and..obviously without "my" fashion designers!

For those who missed the Italian Art Festival 2013 here is a list and contact of all the designers who participated and some pictures of their beautiful collections!


- Korai: /
- Party cuoreblu: /
Anna Maria Cardillo: /

Helis Brain: /


- Rosa Fraraccio:
- Russo Salvatore: /
Totemartbijoux Bijoux: 
- Fucina Orafa: /
- MILO Mimmo Lodedo: /


- Orfevre: 
- duecento Grammi: / 
- Manuela Piras:
- Melania Cardillo: /
- Cauchemar: /

Special thanks alsoto all the members of my STAFF that, as in every parade, which enabled the success of the event.

Models: Roanna Dunsford, Ancuta Breaban, Bex Wells, Helen Cecile Luboko, Helizabeth Haruna, Daria Mazzone, Giusy Mertoli, Della Ssoul, Amina Mazloumiar, Lisa Gentili, Ashton Burden
Make Up: Rosanna Dell'Olio and Cassandra Aslanidis, with her team: Bainca Taguiang, Christina Ustinov, Koriaty Infanti Hunter Sim 
Hairstyling: Daniel Meddi for Vertical Color , Matteo Serpau.
Graphics: Fabio Santoro

Fashion Director: Marta Lenzi
Art Director: Nadia Spita for Artcaffe London

A heartfelt thanks to all .. we'll see at the second edition of Italian Art Festival
and for those who want to see some Backstage's photos I wait for you on my facebook page Fashionart By.M


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  1. Bellissime! Il modello di Balenciaga indossato dalla famosa Miley, che mi hai chiesto nel mio articolo, si chiama Pompon, è la rivisitazione del modello a secchiello! :) Un bacio

  2. Wonderful posts.