sabato 19 aprile 2014


MARTALENZI.COM is online!!
First of all I have to say a massive THANK YOU to Massimiliano Bonamici and to my special boyfriend Fabio Santoro for having me followed, supported and...tolerated during this long journey! I couldn't have done it without you guys!
It's really exciting to see all my work done so far together. Thanks too to all the companies, agencies, collaborators, clients, models and the whole team that I've always been close in order to achieve a great goal great like this!
Stay tuned for know more about the up and coming project and..AD MAIORA!

xx Marta

sabato 25 gennaio 2014


Hi girls! Today I'm glad and happy to present you a new GIVEAWAY in collaboration with an amazing young online shop:
Some of you surely already know it, since it offers a wide choice of clothes and accessories with a very affordable price for all of us! There are so many styles, really, and the choice is so hard. There may happen quietly to buy a bonton chiffon blouse.. and right after buy the street sweatshirt with studs! trust happened! 
Rosegale stands out from all the other shops online because it's the first that offer a selection of authentic vintage garments, These are vintage designs and patterns that are being re-used and appeal to those of us that like unique and fresh fashions based on a past era, including styles and trends from the 1940s to 1980s. asked me to choose 6 items to put up for grabs and I have tried to satisfy the personality and styles of all of you who read me. I have to tell you that I love all the 6 awards, although my favorite is without a doubt the red lips clutch! Love at first sight! And yours? Write it by participating to the Giveaway that starts today and will end on 16th February. There will be just one winner who can choose one of the 6 prizes offered by

The RULES for the participation, are few and simple :
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Good luck girls, share the giveaway and I hope you'll participate in a lot!
The giveaway is worldwide and the winner will be drawn on 17th February via and will be contacted personally by the team!
xx M

mercoledì 20 novembre 2013


Those of you who have never tried to find what is the best website for own online porfolio? There are lots of platforms around this, some for free, some with a small fee, and they are all more or less good and popular.
Today I want to tell you something in more about Behance , to be honest I'm sure that is the best one, is simple , intuitive and very professional, it gets you a personal space totally manageable and also allows you to create your own website , using your own domain , really useful!
I decided (in the meantime update of my website), to create my fashion stylist portfolio using opinion is very positive ! Just one day after the opening of the profile my circle of contacts has doubled and I'm having the opportunity to see and find new talents in my field . photographers , stylists , hairdressers, makeup artists .. all grouped under a single field, and all with the same passion and talent in common.
I chose to put some of my favorite works, mostly shooting ,have a look to my PORTFOLIO, I 'd really like to know what you think !


mercoledì 30 ottobre 2013


After a few months away from the blog, holidays, work and a wonderful trip to Paris with Fabio, here I am to tell you about one of the last works here in London .
The SS/2014 Bridal debut collection launch of Dajana Basic- London
Dajana, the fashiondesigner, inspired by  macaroons for her models, designed 8 wedding dresses unique and each one follows a particular and different design. The colors, as we can imagine , are pastels delicate and soft like the typical french pastries.
I have had the opportunity and honor to manage the organization of the whole fashionshow and the direction of the models's casting, it was a tough experience, as always, we've to be able to find a solution to the "last-minute problem" a shoe that doesn't fit, a delay, an oversight, but everything was for the best. The result of our dedication, true passion and above all followed by an amazing team of make-up artists, hairstylist, photographers, dresser, pr and of course models. Nothing could be better without each one of them.

A special thanks goes to the lovely guests, bloggers and wonderful media coverage for making the launch of Basic Dajana London a truly memorable day.
Obviously the official collaboration partners: Freya Rose, emerging British designer who lent us the beautiful wedding shoes from her collection, Central Cuts hair salon that has allowed us to do the casting and all the tryal days of hair and make-up, Vertical Color which gave a lot of vouchers to spend in the salon to all the guests of the fashionshow, La Maison Du Chocolat, historic parisien brand who provided us a trays full of colorful macaroons and certainly the Blackhall the Studio, in Shoredich that hosted us with open arms and gave us the space and everything we needed.

And last, but not least, our fantastic team of :
Fashion show organizer / Casting: Me!
Official Photographer: Domingo Nardulli
Backstage Photos and Video: Giuseppe Cardone
Backstage Photos: Evelina Sinkeviciute
Makeup artists: Andrea Gaetani, Jia Sim Koriaty
Hairdressers: Daniel Meddi, Louis Maharaj
Pr: Zoe Efstathiou 
Assistant: Demi Charalambous

Thank's a lot guys, we was amazing! A warm hug to Dajana and a big good luck for her future career.  
Feel free to visit Dajana Basic-London  facebook fan page for the officials catwalk photos and all the upcoming news!

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sabato 22 giugno 2013


Today I show you another slice of my work as a fashion stylist. This is one of my favorite shooting that I've worked on, fantastic staff and a magical atmosphere. 
The photos taken by the photographer Domingo Nardulli were more than 2000 and the choice was hard but finally I can show you our work published exclusive on C-Head Magazine.
: Domingo Nardulli 
and Gianluca Zati Photography: Domingo Nardulli Models: Andrea Beruatto, Niloofar Vakili, Lali Zolisheva, Martina Palmisano MUA: Silvia Razzoli Hairstyling: Matteo Serpau, Gabar Youssef Styling: Marta Lenzi Clothes and accessories: Shop La Gare 24 - Florence, Italy Location: Monte Morello - Florence
"They danced down the streets like dingledodies,
and I shambled after as I’ve been doing all my life after people who interest me,
because the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk,
mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing,
but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight
pop and everybody goes “Awww!”
(Jack Kerouac)
What do you think? Do you like the photo? I love my work and see these photos published is always a great satisfaction. Thanks to all the staff, we are super!
To see all pictures click HERE and follow C-Head on Facebook.
I wait for you on the blog and on my Facebook page to show more and more about the life of a fashion stylist!


giovedì 6 giugno 2013


Hy there, finally starting to get the photos, each picture is a great satisfaction! Chills seeing those perfect mixes. I'm talking about @Fotoincontri, the event of workshops with some of the greatest masters who have done (and they still do) the history of fashion photography, all dedicated to the reconstruction of S.Felice sul Panaro after the violent earthquake last May. A great event, a wonderful initiative and above all a way to collaborare with professionals and passionate of the world of fashion photography.
Thanks to the Fashion editori Rosanna Trinchese of RenèOlivier Production who believed in me and allowed me to take part in this fantastic project as Fashion Stylist. It was a pleasure to share this opportunity with atrusted colleagues, friends and super team: Denise Denegri and Franesco Balestri. 
We created the stylings for the various shooting collaborationg with 12 photographers in three intense days succeeded well despite the weather that was not at all on our side.
As always, we were TOP, the whole staff is committed in making everything so much touching perfection for every model.
The pictures talking for themselves, like the names of the photographers: Oliviero Toscani, Giovanni Gastel, Gabriele Rigon, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Settimio Benedusi, Giovanni Cozzi, Chico De Luigi, Franco Fontana, Maurizio Galimberti, Guido Harari, Ferdianando Scianna, Toni Thorimbert. Today I show you some photos of #Giovanni Gastel and #Gabriele Rigon

A STORY STYLED BY ROP CREW: fashion editor: Rosanna Trinchese – hair concept: Roberto Rosini – stylists: Denise Denegri, Marta Lenzi, Annalisa Cardinale, Francesco Balestri – make up artists: Simona Breazu, Alberto Boggeri, Rossana Deiana, Paola Rinaldi – hair stylists: Domenico Visone, Marco Zambuchini, Maria Galli – assistant: Giulia Ghidini – models: Delia Hamer, Jennifer Bianchi, Suki Santos, Amanda Franca, Tatsiana Puchko, Marcela Cervenkola, Anastasia Pavlova, Caitlin Dobson, Polina Synyavska@WhyNot Milano, Katya Romodina@Beyond Milano, Daniele Moraes@ROP, Rachel@flashmodelmanagement – fashion:
Stella Jean – jewels: Stella Jean, Alcozer & J, Strane Gioie, NoritamyIsla Fontaine – shoes: Elena Cardinali


Collaborating on this work, seeing the passion of true lovers of their own work, like me, look at some of the greatest photographers while shooting was an opportunity to grow up and discover new horizons about my job. I've to say thank to whole the staff and the city with it's inhabitants who have surrounded this exciting event.
Stay tuned for more photos.

lunedì 20 maggio 2013


Buonasera! Un veloce post preview di quello che sarà il mio weekend di toccata e fuga in  Italia. Fotoincontri, un festival organizzato da veri appassionati e professionisti di fotografia, tre giornate di workshop, mostre, incontri e vere e proprie lezioni fotografiche tenute da alcuni dei più importanti fotografi italiani.
Capitanati da Rosanna Trinchese, fashion editor e Stylist per RenèOlivier production, ci occuperemo dello styling nei servizi fotografici per ogni fotografo. Inutile ribadire la mia emozione nel collaborare con dei nomi così importanti e influenti nel settore della fotografia di moda, a rendere tutto ancora più entusiasmante mi accompagneranno in questa mia nuova avventura Denise Denegri e Francesco Balestri, team perfetto e oramai già constatato. Come una famiglia. 
In più, qualche stilista dei capi che avremo a dispozione? Dolce&Gabbana, Antonio Marras, Parah, Azhar e altri brand di fama mondiale, il tutto si prospetta assai emozionante e istruttivo.
QUI potete dare un'occhiata alla brochure ufficiale e farvi un'idea in più di quello che sarà Fotoincontri.
Vi lascio con la lista dei nomi dei fotografi che terranno i vari workshop.

Good evening! A quick post preview of what will be my weekend super quickly in Italy. Fotoincontri, a festival organized by a professionals in photography, three days of workshops, exhibitions, meetings and real photographic lessons given by some of the most important Italian photographers.
Led by Rosanna Trinchese, fashion editor and stylist for RenèOlivier production, we will  create the styling in the photos for each photographer. Needless to say my excitement in collaborating with this names so important and influential in the field of fashion photography, To make even more exciting there'll be with me in my new adventure Denise Denegri  and Franceco Balestri, perfect team  as a family.
In addition, some designer that will provide some pieces for the styling? Dolce & Gabbana, Antonio Marras, Parah, Azhar and other world famous brand, all promises very exciting and instructive.
HERE you can take a look at the official brochure and get an idea of what Fotoincontri will be.
I leave you with the list of names of the photographers who take the various workshops.

Stay tuned on my FACEBOOK page and TWITTER to partecipate in "streaming live" to Fotoincontri.